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Patient Registration Forms

Your appointment is important to us, so we have provided these forms that you can fill out ahead of time so we can expedite your check-in process.

For your first visit, it is important that you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to allow us to collect all of your information and give the therapist time to review your paperwork. Please bring any paperwork that contains your imaging results or doctor’s orders.

For follow-up visits, please arrive on time to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit of your full treatment time.

Attire: please wear workout attire to your physical therapy appointments as we will be having you perform exercises as part of your treatment. Wear clothing that will give your therapist access to the body part we are treating. Some examples include a loose-fitting, comfortable t-shirt or tank top, athletic shorts, leggings, yoga pants, or workout pants – something with an elastic waistband, and proper footwear (athletic shoes, sneakers, running shoes, etc.).


Other Patient Forms

You can fill out these forms and bring them to your initial evaluation to help us get a better picture of how your condition affects your life. Fill out the form for the body area you are being evaluated for.

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Wrist Pain

Lower Extremity Pain (hip, knee, and ankle)



Pelvic Floor