Developing friendships with my patients
   "I feel I can offer a unique one-on-one approach with my patient
that helps me gain their trust and make them feel at home during their
physical therapy program. the best part of my job is getting to know my
patients individually. I want them to feel comfortable with me, because
that's a key element to effective treatment. It gives my treatments
a personal feel."

Unique combination of skills
   "I'll always be thankful for the education and training I've received. Along with my expertise in treating pediatric patients, my experience as an athletic trainer for local athletes is something I'm very proud of. I feel that I offer a unique combination of skills. My experiences with these athletes have given me confidence and pride that I bring back to Agoura Hills Physical Therapy to share with you."

A foundation of educational excellence
   "I rely on extensive training and years of experience to give my patients high-quality care. My education did not stop when I graduated. I consistently exceed the required annual amount of continuing education for physical therapy. Treatments that were unheard of when I graduated are revolutionizing the field today. That's why I make a point of staying current on the most recent manual therapy techniques and use the ones I find to be effective in the care I provide."

Convenient and Affordable Care
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